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From Julie Craven

December 12, 2017

Dear RAUC Families,

We all know that a strong home-school partnership supports student success. With that in mind, we are delighted to announce that 173 families came in to meet with teachers at our Fall Learning Partners Conferences, or 65% of our families. Of course our goal is 100% but this is up significantly from our strong 50% showing last spring. We appreciate your effort to connect with us.

The surveys families filled out at conferences let us check in on our partnership. Families overwhelmingly felt that the conferences met their needs, that teachers were able to give feedback specific to their student, and that they left with a concrete strategy for how to help their student at home. Teachers work hard to get to know students and it is gratifying to know that families see the impact of their efforts.

The vast majority of families also either agreed or strongly agreed that the school communicated effectively in the priority areas identified at Back to School Night: teacher expectations for students, resources for supporting students, and information about upcoming events. Almost everyone reads the newsletters and has found them useful. Communication is still an area of growth for us. Close to a quarter of families indicated we could do a better job at communicating about resources to support students outside of school and teachers can communicate expectations more clearly. And I will work on being more concise (although that has never been my strong point!).

Thank you for all your thoughts and comments. They help us grow as a responsive institution. If you were not able to attend a conference, please make sure you reach out to your student’s teachers with any questions. And we look forward to seeing families again in the spring!

In partnership,

Julie Craven
Head of School