Grade 8 English Language Arts

Learning Objectives

  • To develop his/her analytical reading practices
  • How to analyze author’s craft and how writers use specific craft techniques to convey meaning
  • How to use persuasive techniques while writing powerful editorials.
  • How to analyze and use craft techniques for writing short stories of various genres.
  • How to analyze poetry and write literary analysis of poetic devices.
  • Content specific vocabulary

Students will:

  • Get to know him/herself as a reader and a writer and set reading and writing goals
  • Keep a reader’s and writer’s notebook
  • Study mentor text (a published piece of writing) for the writing he/she is expected to do
  • Prepare for and engage in student-led discussions such as Socratic Circles and fishbowls
  • Analyze various genres and styles of nonfiction and literary texts (prose and poetry).
  • Write a wide variety of texts including literary analysis essays, editorials, and short stories.
  • Submit writing for online publication
  • Reflect on his/her learning