Summer Reading Book Fair 2018

On May 16-18, RAUC is hosting our very own Summer Reading Book Fair for the first time! Below I've answered some frequently asked questions about how the fair will work. If you have more questions, please email me.

If you can spare a couple of hours to volunteer, I would LOVE your help. You can sign up for shifts here

Sam Musher
Library Technology Specialist

When will the fair take place?
Wed.-Fri., May 16-18. We'll open at 8:30am all three days. Wed. and Fri. we'll close at 1. (Wed. is an early release day, and Fri. we need time to clean up the fair.) Thurs. we'll be open until 3:30, and will also open again during the evening Celebration of Learning from 6 to 8 p.m.

When will students be able to visit the fair?
Students will come with their ELA classes. They are also welcome to come before advisory (8:40-8:55), during recess (12:45-1:15), or after school on Thurs. (2:55-3:30). 

How can students and families pay for books?
We'll take cash or cards.

When will families be able to visit the fair?
We're excited to be open during Celebration of Learning on the evening of May 17 (6-8pm). Please stop by and stock up on books for the summer!

Can we buy books online instead?
Yes! A week before the fair, we'll receive a link to our Fantastic Book Fairs online store and post it in the RAUC newsletter. Any books you buy through their website will be credited to our fair.

Does RAUC make money from this fair?
Yes! We'll earn a percentage of sales, based on how much we sell. The money will be used to buy more books for our library and other resources for our students. Huge thanks to Families of RAUC for arranging the financial side of this fair!

What sort of books will be available?
We'll stock a range of new and popular titles for grades 5-9 -- everyone who is currently a middle schooler or will be next year! Affordability is a priority. Most books will be paperbacks, and we'll also have some high-quality used books for $2.50 each.

Will there be lots of junk besides books?
Nope. I requested bookmarks, because they're cheap and useful, and students like being able to buy something small with their pocket change. There will be no diaries, toys, sticker books, posters, etc. -- the focus is on reading.

What are RAUC's summer reading requirements?
Students are required to read 5 books, including at least one non-fiction. Beyond that, its up to them! Their ELA teachers, public librarians, and I will suggest books that are fun and appropriately challenging. If you want specific recommendations for your student, I'd love to help.

What company is running the fair?
We decided to work with Fantastic Book Fairs, a partnership between two local independent stores (The Book Rack in Arlington and The Book Oasis in Stoneham). They have run successful book fairs at other schools in Cambridge, and I'm excited to work with them! A unique feature of Fantastic Book Fairs is that they will bring a selection of used books for $2.50 each, so the fair can be affordable for more of our students.