Grade 7 World Language

Learning Objectives

  • The content of the first half of a level 1 program of study— building on the concepts learned in grade 6
  • An in-depth study about the use of articles, adjectives, verbs, negative expressions, and idiomatic phrases;
  • Short dialogues in context situations;
  • Oral and written communication skills in the target language
  • Computer links and internet sites for audio/oral practice;
  • Thematic units concerning family, school, travel, hobbies, food, and restaurants.

Students will:

  • Collaborate and communicate with classmates and the teacher in the target language;
  • Create projects that integrate the study of grammar and vocabulary into oral presentations;
  • Work in groups and in pairs to practice the language structures and vocabulary;
  • Prepare dialogues and make oral presentations with the content provided by the teacher;
  • Play games and use computer websites to practice the language;
  • Access and use proficiently computer technology to research data about oral and written projects.