Grade 6 English Language Arts

Learning Objectives

  • To develop his/her analytical reading practices
  • Strategies to build a solid foundation for the nonfiction reading he/she will do across disci-plines
  • To analyze a character in a short story and construct a formal essay
  • To capture his/her opinions and beliefs and develop them into a well-crafted essay
  • To reflect on his/her personal experiences relating to fairness, equity, and justice and to create characters and stories through which these issues are explored
  • To blend the skills of research and informational writing to compose a feature article
  • Content specific vocabulary

Students will:

  • Get to know him/herself as a reader and a writer and set reading and writing goals
  • Participate in class discussions and book clubs
  • Keep a reader’s and writer’s notebook
  • Study mentor text (a published piece of writing) to understand the writing he/she is expected to do
  • Explore various fictional genres (realistic fiction, historical fiction, science fiction and fantasy)
  • Analyze various genres and styles of nonfiction and literary texts
  • Write a wide variety of texts including literary analysis, personal and persuasive essays, fiction and feature article
  • Submit essays for publication, to contests or forums