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From Julie Craven

Dear RAUC Families,

Summer is upon us! We wrap up our school year this week with celebrations and reflections. 7th grade enjoyed thrills together at Canobie Lake on Monday, today 6th grade engages in a range of community building--a scavenger hunt, bowling, and then a movie at school, and Wednesday 8th grade says goodbye to Rindge Ave and looks ahead to high school. The last day of school is Thursday, with a regular release time of 2:55PM.

It has been a productive year. As a school, we identified new core values and have begun our journey to fully integrate them into our collective work. Indeed, while students are done on Thursday, staff will return Friday to plan next year’s first four days of school. We are committed to more intentionally building community and increasing student voice in ways that are true to our core values. Fifteen staff members will also participate in a four day Developmental Designs (DD) institute hosted at RAUC the following week. DD supports practices that integrate social and academic learning in ways that meet the particular developmental needs of adolescents. Many staff are already trained in DD and we are excited to strengthen our capacity to embed these powerful practices into our advisories and classrooms. Check out the website to learn more >>

In the classrooms, students have explored novels, conducted experiments, grappled with math problems, and interpreted primary source documents. They have written essays, created art, poems, and music, and displayed their understandings on posters and in oral presentations. We have seen growth in their skills and confidence and hope that you have as well. To ensure your student is poised for success next year, make sure that they complete their summer reading and math work given out by their teachers. There is more information on summer reading and math packets in this newsletter and all of this information is available on our school website.

We have a few staffing changes for next year. Katelyn Fournier, 6th grade math, heads to Dubai to work at an international school. Wes Needle, Structured Academics teacher, is returning to his Chicago roots, and our two Structured Academics aides, Neelam Harris and Nason Heywood, are moving on. Kristi Giannini, our music teacher, is also moving on to other opportunities. We are grateful for the work each has done and wish them all well. We are excited about new staff joining us. Alexandra Spencer will teach 6th grade math; she comes highly recommended from her year at Vassal Lane and has already met with the team and started working on the transition. Sarah Schiff will be our second lead teacher in Structured Academics; she brings extensive experience and a history of advocacy for students in therapeutic programs. We are working with the Office of Student Services to fill the aide positions. We are also still working on finding the best fit for our music program and will keep you updated. We are confident that a strong program will be in place to start the year.

Thank you for a wonderful first year as head of school at Rindge Avenue. I can’t wait to welcome students and families back next year. In the meantime, may everyone have a safe and fun-filled summer!


Julie Craven, Head of School