OUT OF RUINS Uses Classic Greek Mythology to Shine Light on Life During Adolescence

OUT OF RUINS Uses Classic Greek Mythology to Shine Light on Life During Adolescence
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The students of Rindge Avenue Upper Campus have been furiously at work preparing for their annual Spring self-written musical. Having started rehearsal in October, the students meet regularly with their music teacher Joshua DeWitte and their theater teacher Summar Elguidy. This year the theme chosen was “Greek Mythology.” The script uses three Greek myths, Persephone, Orpheus, and Eurydice, and Helios and Phaethon, to weave a story about the trials of adolescence.  The Persephone myth touches on the struggles of growing away from your parents while wanting to stay protected by them, Orpheus and Eurydice about loosing your first love, and Helios and Phaethon about confronting a deadbeat parent.

Mr. Dewitte and Ms. Elguindy work with their students to choose a theme and a plot. The teaching duo then leads the students in improvisation exercises that help with scene development. After a draft of a scene is written the collaborators edit it to perfection and work it into the greater script. As the students work through the scenes Ms. Elguindy leads them to find motivation, relationship and character. The ensemble carefully studies the text together and makes adjustments as they go. The students rehearse the music with Mr. DeWitte who chooses the song selections with the students. The songs used are contemporary pop songs that have been adjusted to advance the plot. Some of the songs included are The Show, Everything, and Yellow Light which are brilliantly arranged for the stage.

After a lengthy democratic process where titles such as Rubble, and Who We Are were up for consideration, the title Out of Ruins was chosen, a name that signifies the new being inspired by the old.

The excitement for the show is palpable in rehearsal; it is clear that the students cannot wait for performance. Ms. Elguindy and Mr. DeWitte have infused the musical with a balance of relatable themes and classic stories so the students are both learning the relevance of the Greek Classics and how to safely share aspects of their own personal stories onstage.

OUT OF RUINS opens June 4th at 7PM at the Rindge Avenue Upper Campus, 70 Rindge Avenue, Cambridge, Ma. There will be an in school performance June 5th followed by a closing performance on June 6th at 7PM.