Learning Previews - 8th Grade - September 2016

Learning Previews - 8th Grade - September 2016
Posted on 09/19/2016

8th Grade Math: Mr. Oliveira
In our first math unit of the year, students are working on algebraic linear equations (chapter 3 - Math in Focus book). Students will learn how to solve equations containing rational coefficients by applying the distributive property, combining like terms and also by using the properties of equality. This first unit will last until the third week of October, when we then transition to Lines and Linear Equations with some brief statistics topics. A better understanding of chapter 3 will help students a great deal when they learn about linear functions and systems of linear equations later this year.

8th Grade Accelerated Math Pathways: Mr. Oliveira
Students have begun extending their knowledge of exponents by learning about the properties of exponents (chapter 1 - Math in Focus book). Over the next few days we will begin to transition to our second portion of our unit to discuss scientific notation (chapter 2 - Math in Focus book). Students will learn how useful scientific notation is when writing numbers that are very large or very small. While learning scientific notation, students will have the opportunity to learn how to use a few of the buttons on a scientific calculator that they may not have used before. Around the second week of October we will make the transition to representing relationships. In this portion of the unit students will look at the relationship between two quantities (such as in functions) and determine key features from graphs. Students will make connections about relationships between two quantities from the classroom to their everyday lives.

ELA: Mr. Saveriano
Where does our sense of identity come from? What identities are permanent and which do we have the power to change? What roles does community play in shaping who we become? What does it mean to grow up? 8th grade readers and writers are jumping into the world of vignettes. Through the lense of Sandra Cisneros' groundbreaking novel entitled The House on Mango Street, 8th graders will analyze, discuss, and reflect upon these major thematic topics.

Social Studies: Mr. Everhart
Students are currently working through our "Identity" unit in which we will examine ethnicity, gender, age, socioeconomic status and family as part of determining how we decide "us" versus "them" as well as the role of identity in shaping the choices we make. Students will be asked to write a write a story from their family history, so please consider helping them discover a story they may not know about their family!

After the conclusion of this unit, we will move to "Japanese History to 1853." Many previous 8th graders named this as their favorite's exciting!

Science: Mr. Suchy
In the first unit of the year, forces at a distance, students will study forces that act at a distance: magnetic, electrostatic and gravitational. Students will have already experienced many of these forces, but not made sense of them in school. In 7th grade they learned about forces, energy and the particle model of matter, on a more concrete level. They will deepen their understanding of particles, and use new understandings about the forces that act between them to explain the world around them. Throughout the unit, students will make sense of phenomena that appear magical, yet have scientific explanations. In the culminating project, students will use their understanding to explain a phenomenon (or more) to a magician so that s/he could design a magic trick using it. Ask your student if they see any of these forces in action around them!