Learning Previews - Grade 7 - December 5, 2017

Learning Previews - Grade 7 - December 5, 2017
Posted on 12/05/2017

ELA: Ms. Gonzalez

In ELA, students are currently engaged in planning and drafting their first literary analysis of the year. Students have done literary analysis essays in 6th grade. In 7th grade (and beyond), students continue to work on the framework of what makes an analytical essay: thesis, main ideas, evidence, analysis, and sentences that “link back” to the main idea. At this moment, we are working on gathering varied pieces of evidence to prove a thesis or main idea.

The prompt for their essay is: What factors made survival possible for Salva in A Long Walk To Water? Essay Planner graphic organizers are available in Google Classroom. The essay will be due before we leave for our December break. Ask your child about what responsibilities we have when we hear about stories of injustice and suffering.

Math: Mr. Devlin
7th Grade On Grade Level

Chapter 2: In this chapter, your student will learn about operations with rational numbers. Some of the skills your student will practice are:

  • Adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing integers
  • Finding the distance between two integers on a number line
  • Using the order of operations with integers
  • Adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing rational numbers in
  • fraction or decimal form
    Solving real-world problems using operations with integers, fractions, and decimals

7th Grade Accelerated Math Pathways

Chapter 3: In this chapter, your student will learn about algebraic expressions. Some of the skills your student will practice are:

  • Simplifying, expanding, and factoring algebraic expressions
  • Translating verbal descriptions into algebraic expressions
  • Solving real-world problems using algebraic reasoning

Chapter 4: In this chapter, your student will learn how to solve algebraic equations and inequalities. Some of the skills your student will practice are:

  • Identifying equivalent equations
  • Solving algebraic equations and inequalities
  • Solving real-world problems using equations and inequalities

Science: Mr. Mahoney
Seventh graders will be embarking on a new unit of study in December. It is called What’s Going On Inside Me, the latests IQWST curriculum which focuses on the biology of human body systems. What Is Going on Inside Me? is a life science unit that focuses on what happens to food and oxygen to enable the body to meet our energy needs. Students track what happens to food as it goes through the digestive system to the circulatory system and is delivered to the cells all over the body. Tracing the transformation of food to energy raises questions about how this happens, leading to the coordination of systems. In the first learning set students use pictures and discussion of everyday physical activities and the body’s responses, such as breathing hard, or sweating to spark questions about what could be happening inside our body to enable us to do these things. The goal of looking inside the body leads to the observation that our bodies contain cells. The first lessons will focus on cells and students will learn proper microscope technique so as to examine these tiny structures of life. Students have also started their NetPal e-mail mentoring and will be meeting with their corporate sponsors in the coming weeks. An office visit and lunch is a field trip students will enjoy.

Social Studies: Ms. Motto

This month students are engaging in the amazing world of ancient West Africa! We will explore the many relevant cultural values through class lessons and reading and discussing oral traditions. Students will create their own storytelling masks! Throughout this process students will be grappling with the essential question: What do we believe and why?

Additionally, we will investigate the concept of supply and demand through participating in a trading game based on the salt and gold trade of Ancient Ghana. Lastly, students will create a pitch project directed at the Epcot Center in Disney World. Students will be tasked with convincing Epcot to add another exhibit in their park about an African country of the student’s choice. Ask your student how their project is going. In particular, ask them what important information about their country are they including in the exhibit and why!