Learning Previews - Grade 8 - December 12, 2017

Learning Previews - Grade 8 - December 12, 2017
Posted on 12/12/2017
Math (On-Grade Level): Mr. Jose Oliveira 
Students will be wrapping up their unit on lines and linear equations with their “stained-glass” window project (week of December 11) and their unit test (week of December 18). In class, we have also been working on scatter plots and lines of best fit. Be sure to ask your student about the types of correlation in a scatter plot.

Accelerated Math Pathways: Mr. Jose Oliveira
Students have been focusing on work with lines and linear equations to assist with lines of best fit/trend lines in scatter plots. We have looked at real-world scenarios to determine what correlation, if any, the data may display. Students will take a unit test (week of December 11) and also complete a unit project on “stained-glass” windows (weeks of December 11/December 18). Ask your student about how a line of best fit/trend line works.

Science: Mr. David Suchy
8th graders have begun their investigation of physics. They will be studying Newtonian force and motion for the next six weeks. Students will be performing various hands-on activities to experiment and learn about how force and motion affect their daily lives and then engineer solutions to problems presented by forces in our world. Have your child point out the forces acting on you and your family everyday.

English Language Arts: Mr. Nathan Saveriano
8th graders have almost completed their journey through Thanhha Lai’s National Book Award winning novel entitled Inside Out and Back Again. After examining the author’s use of tone and considering the challenges the protagonist faced while fleeing and finding home, our readers will now engage with informational texts. Our academic goal is to blend the world of historical fiction with informational texts in order to compose our second analytical essay of the year. Be sure to ask your child the following question, “What are some of the universal experiences refugees face when fleeing home and finding a home?” In addition, don’t forget to check out the latest academic content on Google Classroom.

Social Studies: Mr. Thomas
8th Grade Social Studies will begin our exploration of the Middle Ages in the European context. Students will approach the reorganization of Europe as a challenging and necessary time of turmoil. The tenets of Christian belief and practice, in concert with the rigid social and political structures of the period, became the foundation of repression that catapulted Europe into an era of change. The birth of modern capitalism, rise of the university, and escalating holy wars have left an enduring and tumultuous imprint on our world today. Students will address and comprehend diverse historical narratives, value judgments and contexts. 8th Graders will write a historical argument with a clear thesis statement and evidence from primary and secondary sources. We will be grappling with these essential questions during the unit: What role does religion play in daily life and structures of societies? How can the time period between 400 and 1400 in Europe be considered a “dark” age? What is the legacy of this time period?