Learning Previews - Grade 8 - October 18, 2016

Learning Previews - Grade 8 - October 18, 2016
Posted on 10/18/2016
ELA: Mr. Nathan Saveriano
After completing the novel The House on Mango Street, 8th grader readers are now transforming into 8th grade writers. We are creating original thesis statements and determining the best vignettes that support our thesis statements. In addition, we will brainstorming our approach and compose well-developed compositions. Our well-developed compositions will include introductory paragraphs, several body paragraphs, and concluding paragraphs. Ask your student what their thesis is!

Science: Mr. Dave Suchy 

8th graders will continue their investigation of forces by studying electricity and electromagnetism. They will be completing several hands on activities and computer simulations to explore how each force works and how to best apply them in the real world. After these investigations students will apply their new knowledge by creating products which use the forces they have studied. Ask your student to explain these forces to you!

Math (On-Grade Level): Mr. Jose Oliveira 
We will be wrapping our unit on Algebraic Linear Equations this Tuesday, October 18 with our unit assessment. Over the next few days students begin to learn about Lines and Linear Equations. This unit will make a great deal of connections with learning that occurred in 6th and 7th grade math (ratio, unit rate, and also proportions). This unit will carry us through the remainder of the calendar year. Ask your student to explain the difference between ratio and proportion.

Math (Accelerated Math): Mr. Jose Oliveira 

Students will continue their work on Linear Relationships over the next two weeks. We will begin this week with an introduction to functions and how functions are represented (function notation). Our unit assessment will take place on Wednesday, November 2. Once we finish this unit we will jump into Linear Functions and some statistical work (line of best fit/trend lines). Ask your student what “best fit” means.

Social Studies: Mr. Jason Everhart

Social studies students are currently working through their “Japan to 1850” unit. We have examined the impact of Buddhism on the Shinto faith, and will soon move toward an understanding of Japanese social classes, government structures, and the role of the Samurai class in society and politics. The unit will finish with a small project, followed by our European “Dark Ages” unit in mid-November. Ask your student what are the most important things they are learning about Japan and why it is important.