Learning Previews: 6th Grade (Nov. 2016)

Learning Previews: 6th Grade (Nov. 2016)
Posted on 11/29/2016
Math: Ms. Katelyn Fournier

During the month of December students will be working on operations with decimals. Specifically we will be focus on multiplication and division. We will be moving onto new content, but will not leave fractions behind. Students will be showing off what they learned in Chapter 3 (Part 1) through their math cookbooks. This unit project is an opportunity for students to get creative with math! Ask your child what recipes they are including in their cookbook. Perhaps you can share a cherished family recipe. The project is to be completed at home and is due Friday, December 9th.

Science: Mr. Phil Nerboso

Our emerging scientists are still hard at work investigating the nature of light and how we see. We recently discovered that white light is really a mixture of all the colors in the visible portion of the light spectrum. Ask your student to describe for you how three colors (RGB) can be combined in different ways to create the millions of colors we see on our electronic devices. The last phase of our unit involves exploring the portions of the light spectrum that are invisible to our own eyes with a focus on Infrared and Ultraviolet light.

Social Studies: Ms. Saillant

Our social studies scholars wrapped their Geography unit by taking virtual tours of countries they researched. Stay tuned for an end of the unit social studies newsletter that compiles student work. This week students begin the Early humans unit by learning about the work of social scientists and will hypothesize and analyze primary sources from Paleolithic times! Our essential questions for this unit are the following: What does it mean to survive in an environment? (to thrive?) How do we know what happened so long ago? What do we owe to early humans?

ELA: Mr. Dan Tobin

Mr. Tobin is out on personal leave. His preview will appear in a future newsletter.