Learning Previews - Grade 8 - November 15, 2016

Learning Previews - Grade 8 - November 15, 2016
Posted on 11/15/2016
Math (On-Grade Level)

Mr. Jose Oliveira,

Your 8th grader has begun learning and discovering what slope is and how it applies to the real world. We have learned how to find slope using the rise over run method and also with the slope formula. Students will start to learn how to apply slope to make the equation of a graphed line or from a word problem. Ask your student to explain how slope applies to their everyday life.

Math (Accelerated Math Pathways) 

Mr. Jose Oliveira,

On Monday, November 14 we will begin our new unit on Linear Functions. Students briefly were introduced to functions during our last unit. They will apply their basic knowledge of functions as we work on Linear Functions and some data analysis over the next month. Students will receive a great deal of practice graphing functions during this unit. Ask your student how they can write the equation of a line when given two points on the line.


Mr. Dave Suchy,

The 8th graders have completed their forces unit and will now will apply their new knowledge by creating products which use the forces they have studied. We will be working with an artist from the Cambridge Creativity Commons named Kyle Browne to make this a true STEAM project. The learning goals are listed below. Ask your kids about their creative process!

Objective #1: Design an assistive technology that aids movement for people who are disabled or injured that is inspired by and incorporates magnetic, electric and electromagnetic forces/fields.

Objective #2: Use art and design elements to plan, draw and implement artistic elements in the final version of your product to appeal to people in your chosen audience.

Objective #3: Create a 2-3 minute sales pitch to convince your audience they need your product and educate them about the science. You will receive guidelines for this on Thursday.

English Language Arts 

Mr. Nathan Saveriano,
8th graders are truly readers and researchers. Before beginning the National Book Award winning novel Inside Out and Back Again by Thanhha Lai, our students spent some time researching the complex history of Vietnam, the Vietnam War, and the plight of refugees. Next, students put on their reading caps to jump into Lai’s novel that is told in poetic journal entries. As readers, we are currently determining the best text evidence to help us analyze character. We are also considering how word choice affects tone and how tone affects meaning.

Social Studies 

Mr. Jason Everhart,

Eighth grade social studies students are closing their Feudal Japan unit, culminating with a with a public service announcement project comparing samurai stereotypes in film and television to the actual code of ethics they followed. They will soon begin their unit on the Dark Ages that covers European history from the end of the Roman Empire to the Renaissance. Students will also complete their first essay of the year in which they examine primary source documents addressing the question "Were the Dark Ages really dark?"