Learning Previews – Grade 8 – February 14, 2017

Learning Previews – Grade 8 – February 14, 2017
Posted on 02/14/2017
8th Grade Social Studies: Mr. Jason Everhart

Eighth graders began their research papers last week, and they will continue the research and writing process this week and next. In this project, students will conduct research on a relevant movement and produce a 5-6 page paper. This research paper should teach the reader about a movement that has changed the status quo (the existing state of affairs or order of things) in any time period throughout history. In order to do this they will need to identify what the status quo was and the ways in which this movement changed society. They will also need to discuss whether or not the movement was successful or not and why. This informational research paper is one of the many ways in which passionate and engaged members of a society can choose to use their voice to create a fair and just society. Through this unit, students will brainstorm topics, conduct research, and engage in peer reviews. Through their research, they will also consider how their topic relates to equity or fairness (social justice) in society. Be sure to ask your child about their chosen topic!

Math (On-Grade Level): Mr. Jose Oliveira

Students have been working diligently on understanding what a system of equations is. We have learned to solve a system of linear equations using the following methods: Using a table of values, graphing, and also through the substitution method. We will be wrapping up our systems unit over the next week. Students will jump into exponents when we return from our break. Ask your student what the difference between an equation and a system of equations is.

Math (Accelerated Math): Mr. Jose Oliveira

Over the past few weeks students have worked on understanding non-linear functions. In the coming days we will finish up our learning of non-linear functions. Students have also been studying hard to complete their mid-year exam that was completed last week. Shortly after winter break we will begin our unit on Exponential Functions and Polynomial Expressions. Be sure to ask your student why these equations are called non-linear.

English Language Arts: Mr. Saveriano

Our 8th grade writers are neck deep into composing their original short stories. These short stories include symbolism, grammatically correct dialogue, internal and external conflicts, flashback and flashforward techniques, and varied sentence structure. Soon we will be revising our first draft with character perspective in mind, analyzing the choices we make as writers through whole class and small group discussion protocols, and displaying excerpts of our writing for all to see. Ask your child about their short story. Encourage them to read excerpts to you aloud.

Science: Mr. Dave Suchy
Students will be continuing to investigate the evidence Charles Darwin provided to prove his theory of evolution through a series of hands on activities and computer simulations. They will be focusing their studies on comparative anatomy and the fossil record. After that students will begin investigating genetics and how it completes the story of evolution. During this section of the unit we will have visiting scientists from the Broad institute in our classroom once a week. These scientists are on the cutting edge of genetics research and offer the students a front row seat of the new, exciting and meaningful work that is being done in genetics.