Learning Previews – Grade 6 – January 31, 2017

Learning Previews – Grade 6 – January 31, 2017
Posted on 01/31/2017
Social Studies: Ms. Gisel Saillant

Our social studies scholars finished their Early Humans unit with an investigation on the biological basis of race and its social impacts. Ask your student, “Is there a biological basis to race? What are stereotypes and how can they impact people?” Be on the lookout for our second social studies newsletter in your email. This month, students are beginning their third unit on ancient Mesopotamia and we’ll investigate the following questions: “What does it take to have a civilization? Are laws necessary? Should we question text? How do we know what text to believe?”

ELA: Dan Tobin, aka Mr. Tobin

We have completed our Hero’s Journey stories! From the tale of a shrunken girl fighting an angry tomato inside the refrigerator, to the quest to retrieve a magical cookbook, to the storm monster wrecking ships at sea, student creativity was on hgh display. Now that we bid adieu to Percy Jackson, we shift our focus to
Dragonwings, Lawrence Yep’s Newbury Honor book about a Chinese immigrant boy in the early 1900s. We’ll begin by studying point of view and figurative language, transitioning into comparing the novel with Yep’s original nonfiction about the Chinese experience. After vacation, we’ll explore texts about the San Francisco earthquake before we pause for MCAS test prep. Along the way, students will continue to read their own independent reading books -- keep ‘em reading, and ask them about their books!

Science: Mr. Phil Nerboso

Our budding scientists are digging deep into what makes up all the matter in the known universe. Our investigations have lead us to understandings about elements, atoms, and molecules. We have focused on the idea that unique properties like color, odor, hardness, and emission spectrum help us identify and distinguish one substance from another. We have gathered evidence through various investigations to support the claim that elements have different properties because they are made up of different types of atoms. Ask your child to describe some of the properties we have investigated. Before February break we will have a final assessment for the chemistry unit. Talk to your child about how they are feeling about their understanding of chemistry. Please encourage your student to seek help before or after school for any necessary clarification.

Math: Ms. Katelyn Fournier

During the month of February students will be working with the coordinate plane and algebra. Within algebra we will be writing, reading, and evaluating expressions in which letters stand for numbers. We will also write and solve equations. We will be moving onto new content, but will not be leaving percents behind! Students will be showing off what they learned in Chapter 6 through their next unit project: creating a dream catalog. This is an opportunity for students to get creative with math! Ask your child what he/she is selling. Can you guess why those items were chosen? The project is to be completed at home and is due Friday, February 17th. Expect your child to bring home a math test to be signed during the second week of February. Perhaps you can take some time to review the assessment together.