Learning Previews - Grade 6 - May 2018

Learning Previews - Grade 6 - May 2018
Posted on 05/08/2018
Math: Ms. Alexandra Spencer

During the month of May students will wrap up the last unit of the year on data and statistics and prepare for MCAS. MCAS will take place on Thursday, May 10th and Friday, May 11th. After MCAS we will return to some of the ideas learned in the Data & Statistics Unit to create surveys and gather information about our classmates! Ask your student how to calculate the average number of hours each person in your household sleeps per night, or the average number of hours they spend on homework per week. Towards the end of the month we will introduce the culminating project of the year. Students will be given opportunities to connect ideas across several units and bring their creative side to mathematics.

Social Studies: Ms. Saillant

This week we are starting to work on our ancient Egypt performance assessment. The unit project is a document document-based-question (DBQ) on the importance of the Nile river. Through their middle school years, students will do a number of DBQ performance assessments in history classes. DBQs ask students to examine primary and secondary source documents in order to answer an analytical question. They then write analytical essays in which they defend a position, using evidence from the documents as support. DBQ essay should be 5 paragraphs (intro,three body paragraphs,conclusion). 45% of their grade. This is an in class project, homework is to complete unfinished classroom tasks. Tentative due date Monday May 8th, 2017. Ask your student to tell you what they think is the strongest point of their argument.

Science: Mr. Phil Nerboso

Currently, sixth grade science students are creating infographics of their final Claim, Evidence, and Reasoning for EcoMuve. Students have gained insight into the effects of population dynamics on an ecosystem. Ask your students to explain to you what can happen to an ecosystem when a species experiences a sudden drop in population. The last life science test will be coming up soon. Review sessions and extra help will be available next week before the test. Our final unit of the year is on earth science. Students will be investigating the impact of water on the Earth’s surfaces.

English Language Arts: Dan Tobin, aka Mr. Tobin

Fresh from the share of students’ This I Believe personal essays, we’ll jump back into thinking about oppressive societies. Leaning back on the regularized world of The Giver, we’ll compare the fictional depiction to real-life chronicles around the world. We’ll start with The Wall, about when the Iron Curtain descended on Czechoslovakia after World War II. We’ll take a look at Red Scarf Girl, a memoir of victims of the Chinese Cultural Revolution, plus I Am Malala and the Nobel prize-winner’s crusade in favor of girls’ education. This will lead to comparing these real-life accounts to the dystopian world of The Giver. Ask your student what is most interesting to them about each book.