Learning Previews - Grade 7 - January 2018

Learning Previews - Grade 7 - January 2018
Posted on 01/09/2018
7th Grade Accelerated Math Pathways: Mr. Devlin

Chapter 4: In this chapter, your student will learn how to solve algebraic equations and inequalities. Some of the skills your student will practice are:
Identifying equivalent equations
Solving algebraic equations and inequalities
Solving real-world problems using equations and inequalities

7th Grade On Grade Level: Mr. Devlin

Chapter 3: In this chapter, your student will learn about algebraic expressions. Some of the skills your student will practice are:
Simplifying, expanding, and factoring algebraic expressions
Translating verbal descriptions into algebraic expressions
Solving real-world problems using algebraic reasoning

ELA: Ms. Gonzalez

In these last few weeks before grades close, 7th graders are reviewing literary analysis skills and reflecting on the independent reading they have done so far. The 7th grade readers and writers are currently reading a Twilight Zone script for the episode, “The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street.” The format of the script and the importance of reading stage directions will prepare them for the next whole class novel of the year, Pygmalion by George Bernard Shaw (which we will start next month). We are also applying our analysis skills to the text and will be comparing the effectiveness of the theme shown in the text vs. the show. After that, readers will complete their first Reading Ladder of the year which will list all the books they have read so far in order of difficulty and allow them to reflect on their choices in order to make new reading goals. For homework, students are still expected to be independently reading a book of their choice for 30 minutes. Readers may create reading goals for January such as, “finish two books by the end of the month” and “read over the weekend”. Ask your reader how much work they put into accomplishing their goal(s). Make a reading goal for the month yourself and share it with them for extra motivation!

Social Studies: Ms. Motto

This month in Social Studies students will exploring the amazing culture and history of India. The goal of this unit is to have students develop greater perspective and empathy for people from different cultures and religions. Some of the big questions students will be grappling with during this unit are: How does religion impact society? How did Hinduism, Buddhism and Islam impact social structure in India? How have different civilizations contributed to our global society? What makes for a strong historical argument? We will engage in many thought provoking activities including the design of a city based on the model set by Mohenjodaro.

Science: Mr. Mahoney

We will begin our new unit this month as students participate in the physics portion of this year’s curriculum. The driving question for the unit is Why Do Some Things Stop While Others keep Going? Students complete several investigations as they delve into the science content, gaining a deeper understanding of how energy is involved in everything in the world as it is transformed and transferred. During this unit, students develop two types of models to represent energy changes from one type of energy to another, and energy transfer (from one object to another).Students then explore falling objects, a pendulum, a bouncing ball, playground equipment, and springs to learn about kinetic, gravitational, and elastic energy, and multiple ways in which energy is transformed from one type to another. By the end of the month students will start exploring topics for the this year’s NetPal Science Fair and they may choose one partner to work with if they decide.