Learning Previews - Grade 8 - September 2017

Learning Previews - Grade 8 - September 2017
Posted on 09/19/2017
Math (On-Grade Level):
Mr. Jose Oliveira,

Students have begun their exploration of algebraic linear equations. In this unit we learn about the properties of equality. They are working towards solving these equations to determine the number of solutions an equation may have. Within this unit we will focus on showing completed work so that both the students and I can understanding and share their mathematical thinking. Ask your student about the properties of equality and their importance to keeping an equation balanced.

Accelerated Math Pathways:
Mr. Jose Oliveira,

Our first unit of the year looks a linear equations and linear inequalities. Students began the unit with solving multi-step equations as they make their way to working with variables on both sides of the equation. This work in this unit will build the foundation for systems of linear equations and systems of linear inequalities. It also will prepare students for our next unit of functions. Be sure to ask your student about how they can determine the number of solutions an equation has.

Mr. Suchy,

8th grade students began their year with a reminder of foundational ways of thinking in science such as observation, description, perspective, and systems thinking. They did activities to practice these ways of thinking and to become comfortable with their classmates and classroom. We are now diving into content. Our first area of studying is “The reason for seasons.” We will be collaborating with researchers from Harvard University to answer why seasons change throughout the year. Students will be using a variety of physical and web-based models in their investigations including “worldwide telescope.” Learn more about worldwide telescope here >> 

Mr. Nathan Saveriano,

Where does our sense of identity come from? What identities are permanent and which do we have the power to change? How can you be yourself when the world is trying to destroy you? What does it really mean to grow up? These are some of the compelling questions our 8th grade readers will unpack as we read Sandra Cisneros’ critically acclaimed coming-of-age novel entitled The House on Mango Street. As readers students will identify and analyze the author’s use of narrative structure, narrative voice, figurative language, and literary devices. In addition, our 8th grade readers will determine the best text evidence to support our comprehension. Feel free to ask your child about their own sense of identity and what it means to grow up in comparison to our novel’s protagonist, Esperanza.

Social Studies:
Mr. Trainor,

8th Grade students will begin the year in Social Studies exploring their own identities and investigating how major issues happening in our country can affect the choices we make. Moreover, we are closely dissecting the events that occurred in Charlottesville from August 11-13. We will be grappling with these two major questions throughout the first current event unit:
  • Why do some symbols from the past provoke such strong feelings in individuals and communities?
  • How do our beliefs about the past influence our choices in the present?
We have been examining the power of symbols, especially monuments representing or glorifying Confederate leaders.

This timeline of Confederate monuments (see timeline on SPL website) sparked many questions and connections to our country’s history with racism and our current ongoing quest for social justice. Additionally, students will react and respond to different media sources coverage of the protests and counter-protests in Charlottesville. Throughout the first unit students are building on the transfer goals of developing greater empathy for people from various cultures and backgrounds and understanding that identity is an evolving process that can be challenging.