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RAUC Debate Team Stars!

RAUC Debate Team Stars!
Posted on 01/09/2017
Debate TeamOn a snowy Saturday at the Boston Debate League tournament, 21 teams from Boston and Cambridge Public Schools met at Suffolk University to compete in the novice division. The RAUC Debate Team dominated, tying for the third highest average among schools in the tournament, and capturing the top award for teams and the top three awards for speakers. Coaches Dan Tobin and Marilyn Rottersman were very proud of their team and see a bright future with so many sixth graders winning awards. Although many more students attend weekly practices, 10 students have now attended a tournament, and all 10 have taken home a trophy. In September RAUC had no debate team, but now we’re making a name for ourselves in the community.

3rd place overall, RAUC Debate Team

1st place team, Coleman Smith-Rakoff (6) and Finn Nikula-Gill (6)
5th place team, Elliot Olynciw-Olkuski (6) and Ishraaq Ahmed (6)
6th place team, Milan Singh (8) and Bennet Gillig (7)

1st place speaker, Coleman Smith-Rakoff (6)
2nd place speaker, Finn Nikula-Gill (6)
3rd place speaker, Elliot Olynciw-Olkuski (6)
5th place speaker, Lauren Austin-Spooner (8)
10th place speaker, Bennet Gillig (7)