RAUC Debate Stars!

RAUC Debate Stars!
Posted on 03/21/2017
debate teamOn Saturday, March 18, at the final tournament of the Boston Debate League season – the largest tournament in its history – Rindge Ave took home many awards. Having captured 3rd place overall as a school in the novice division last time, returning debaters moved up a class to junior varsity. At the same time, seven new debaters competed as novices. There were 45 JV teams and 26 novice teams, with close to 150 debaters among the two divisions. (Plus another 50 or so varsity debaters.)

The team of Milan Singh and Bennett Gillig took 6th place in JV, while Coleman Smith-Rakoff snagged a medal for 14th place speaker. In the novice division, first-timers Ellen Davis and Ellie Harmon were the 6th place team, and speaker awards went to newcomers Tanmay Ashar (4th) and Ellen Davis (2nd). It was a proud day for coaches Dan Tobin and Marilyn Rottersman.

This was a year of learning, as RAUC went from a school with no debate team to a force that captured multiple awards at all three tournaments. And as we prepare to say goodbye to our eighth graders, the large number of sixth graders suggests a strong future for the RAUC Debate Team.