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Students Create Computer Games about Climate Change

Students Create Computer Games about Climate Change
Posted on 05/26/2016

Eighth grade science students in Dave Suchy’s class pioneered a project developed by TERC, a Cambridge-based organization that creates STEM curricula. After learning about climate change and some basics of game design, students worked in pairs to program Scratch games that teach some aspect of climate change.

Students created a wide range of games and topics including quiz games hosted by polar bears, trees that must mop up CO2 molecules, electric cars, ocean acidification, deforestation, clean energy and many more. In one game, the player is a CO2 “cloud” doing its best to warm the planet. “In this game you’re an anti-hero. It’s a lesson in the real world because we all contribute to climate change,” says the game’s co-creator, Andy Naranjo. Many students will show off their games at a district-wide science fair at Harvard University on May 27.