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What are Learning Previews?

What are Learning Previews?
Posted on 09/07/2016

Families are more effective partners in their children’s education when they know what is coming in the weeks ahead. They can engage their children in conversations about topics of study, proactively plan to support projects, and reinforce classroom learning strategies.

To support this partnership, RAUC will include Learning Previews in our weekly newsletters. Each week a different team will provide a month preview that includes the topics of study, guiding questions and focused skills, general dates for important projects or tests, and suggestions for conversation starters with students. Teachers plan both proactively and reactively, so lessons may change based on student needs or other unexpected events. These previews should be seen as a resource for connecting to the classroom experience and not as an exact road map. Students are expected to keep track of specific assignments and dates in the agenda books given to all students on the first day of school.

First Tuesday
of the month: 6th grade

Second Tuesday of the month:
7th grade

Third Tuesday of the month:
8th grade

Fourth Tuesday of the month:

Because of when the school year starts, we didn’t want to miss the 6th grade rotation: expect both a 6th grade and 7th grade Learning Preview in next week’s newsletter.