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Grapefruit Globes

Grapefruit Globes
Posted on 11/30/2015

During the Geography Unit, students were practicing cartographer skills and tackling issues map makers face today, How do you make our world flat? Using a grapefruit as an earth model students had to:

  • Identify and mark on the grapefruit the locations of the North Pole and South Pole.

  • Locate the spot that is halfway between the two poles and use a marker to draw a line around the Earth at that point, which geographers refer to as the equator.

  • Then draw shapes to represent the continents on Earth.

  • Using a plastic knife and fingers to remove the skin of the grapefruit, then use your fingers to get under the skin to peel it off the grapefruit.

Their goal was to be able to distinguish how maps and globes demonstrate different information about Earth, while leaving the classroom smelling citrusy clean.