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RAUC Sixth Grade Hosts This I Believe Celebration

RAUC Sixth Grade Hosts This I Believe Celebration
Posted on 12/22/2014
I BelieveAfter weeks of hard work, the sixth grade recently shared their personal essays at the fourth annual RAUC This I Believe Celebration. Students had studied existing essays, then planned, drafted, revised, and edited 500-700-word essays that combined a belief with a personal experience. Now, after an extended focus on revision, it was time to share finished essays with the public.

I BelieveOn Dec 12, the entire sixth grade gathered in the Peabody/RAUC Library and welcomed teachers and parents. In small groups, kids read aloud essays on topics such as learning from mistakes, animal abuse, bullying, and the value of taking risks. Then Mr. Tobin brought everyone together for a few students to read to the full sixth grade. Xavier described how hard work led to success for him with break-dancing, while Hannah detailed how harsh language deeply affected a friend. Sam advocated for having a diversity of interests, while Lara justified emulating Dora the Explorer. Sixth graders showed off great ELA skills and were consistently a respectful audience. It was a great day for the sixth grade.