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RAUC Students Celebrate RIA at Harvard Medical School

RAUC Students Celebrate RIA at Harvard Medical School
Posted on 06/02/2015
RIAOn June 1, 2015, 22 RAUC students attended Harvard Medical School's 12th annual "Reflection in Action" Day of Celebration under the supervision and leadership of Mr. McNulty. The Day of Celebration was held at the Joseph B. Martin Conference Center at Harvard Medical School in Boston, MA. Reflection in Action is a program for Boston and Cambridge middle grade students which advocates improvements in individual and community health and translates these improvements into engagement in civic action. In every aspect of the program, students are exposed to urban health issues and are encouraged to choose a healthy lifestyle.  

RIAThis year RIA received 150 contest submissions from 284 youth and out of that, 27 of them were from RAUC students. Out of 14 categories, RAUC students placed 1st, 2nd, 3rd or received an honorable mention 13 times. The city wide competition focuses on safety, healthy eating, physical fitness, health disparities, urban health issues, oral health, public health, heart, lung blood and kidney diseases, sleeping disorders, and anti-violence. A panel of judges from industry, academia, the arts community, local media, public schools, and community based organizations selected the contest winners.

RIAThe all day event started with the Performance Arts category winners. 8th Grader Tam Watzman performed her spoken word piece "Last Goodbyes" in front of the attendees. From there, students participated in a Healthy Snack workshop, Zumba Fitness session, a Health Bowl (Health version of Jeopardy,) ate lunch and ended the day with a closing ceremony where students received their RIA Contest Awards. Learn more >>