6th Grade Learning Previews - October 2019

6th Grade Learning Previews - October 2019
Posted on 10/01/2019

Ms. Alexandra Spencer 
[email protected]

Our math scholars have been working hard on a variety of hands-on tasks to deepen their understanding of area and surface area of shapes. It has been wonderful to see their mindsets start to change from fixed to growth in just a few short weeks through their hard work!

Ask your student to share with you how to “decompose” a parallelogram and how they proved the area formula for a triangle! Students can expect their first end of unit assessment on geometry midway through the month. We will be providing them with unit guides as a resource sheet for important information to study and doing some additional review in class. Every student will have an opportunity to do a quiz reflection where they reflect on their work and improve their understanding on any lingering struggle areas or concepts. Perhaps you can take some time to check in with them to review the assessment together!

Later in the month students will be kicking off our second unit: Introducing Ratios. Students will continue to work on team challenges, partner tasks, and independent work to build their problem solving skills and content knowledge. Remind your students that they can schedule extra help time with me at any time--with your help encouraging them they will grow to be successful self-advocates!

Social Studies

Ms. Gisel Saillant | [email protected]

Last week our social studies scholars explored describing places by their physical and cultural traits.They researched a country’s physical and cultural traits to persuade their peers that the 2024 youth olympics should be hosted there. For the geography project, students will apply those skills while researching borders of different countries and creating virtual brochures about the situation. The project will be done during class periods starting October 7th, students homework will be to complete that day’s unfinished project tasks. The tentative project due date is October 23rd.

Dan Tobin, aka Mr. Tobin | [email protected]

As we finish up launching the reading workshop for the year, we begin our first full-scale unit: The Art of Argument. We’ll learn how to create an effective claim, back it up with evidence, add our own personal analysis, and overall structure a paragraph and essay in a way that gets our points across and maybe even changes some minds. We’ll begin by writing as a whole class, shift into partner writing, then build to solo writing about a topic of students’ own choosing. This builds to students making a claim about one of their independent reading books, which helps set up some of the writing they will do throughout the year in ELA. This will help get students ready for a year of making claims, in ELA and in classes like science and social studies where they will also be writing. Literacy across the curriculum!


Mr. Phil Nerboso | [email protected]

Our budding scientists began to delve into the fascinating world of cells and the human body last week. Currently, we are investigating the question - What does my body do? Our unit is anchored by examining what the parts of our bodies are doing as we perform various activities (jump rope, writing our name with the nondominant hand, drinking a cup of water). Ask your child, “How do the different parts of your body know what to do?” Or you can ask them about our which body parts they used during the unit Anchor Phenomena activity stations. In the coming weeks, students will begin to discover what our bodies need and how we know what’s inside our bodies.
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