7th Grade Learning Previews 3/26/19

Mr. Mahoney | [email protected]

Students should now be entering the final weeks of the NetPal Science Fair Project and will be putting together final presentations to meet the April vacation deadline. Boards for the project will need to be obtained if students choose the tri-fold presentation option. Looking forward to final projects and the NetPal Science Fair after April break.

In class students are wrapping up our physics unit with a study of thermal energy and the different ways it behaves and is transferred from substance to substance. Students conduct a number of thermal energy tests and discover how heat travels. With this knowledge students will then participate in a number of design challenges that will incorporate what they have learned into a solution they devise as an answer to a problem. We will introduce the steps of the Engineering Design Process and students will have a number of opportunities to use what they have learned about physics in their solutions. We wrap up physics and will be moving on to our Earth Science Unit in April.

Social Studies
Ms. Motto | [email protected]
Students in 7th Grade Social Studies will be exploring the amazing history, culture, and philosophies of Ancient China. Students will apply the ideas of different belief systems to understand historical issues and current events and develop greater perspective and empathy for people from different religions and cultures. Students will grapple with these big questions: What historical factors influence the development of a belief system? How do the ideas and values of ancient civilizations affect today’s world?
Additionally, we will engage in our second Document Based Question (DBQ) of the year. 7th Graders will research and answer the question: the Great Wall of China, did the benefits outweigh the costs? As part of this unit, students will analyze, interpret, and synthesize relevant evidence from primary sources, secondary sources, maps, and personal narratives to best answer the question. Then, students will use the evidence gathered to produce an original thesis statement answering the question through an analytical essay. Essays will be due Friday April 12. Please look out for email updates from me.

Ms. Gonzalez | [email protected]
and Mr. Mitchell

We are now reading the play, A Raisin In the Sun by Lorraine Hansberry and exploring how motivation and conflict between characters can impact each other. Readers will continue to conduct several close reads of the text through whole class and small group readings. The study of A Raisin In The Sun will be accompanied regularly by informational texts and videos to allow readers to understand the author’s intent in addressing the dreams of the African-American community in the 1950s and the social injustices that got in the way. Readers will be taking notes along the way to write an analysis essay around Hansberry’s point of view of the American Dream according to a character (scholars will select a character to follow).

.For homework, readers are expected to be independently reading a book of their choice for 30 minutes and to write a weekly response usually due on Fridays. There are also a number of poetry contests happening in light of April coming, which happens to be National Poetry Month. There is the Longfellow Poetry Contest (deadline April 2nd) and the Mass Poetry Installation Project (due Friday, March 29th). I will take poetry submissions for feedback anytime!

Ms. Damiani | [email protected]

Students recently began our 7th unit - Angles, Triangles, and Prisms. In this unit students investigate whether sets of angle and side length measurements determine unique triangles or multiple triangles, or fail to determine triangles. Students also study and apply angle relationships, learning to understand and use the terms “complementary,” “supplementary,” “vertical angles,” and “unique”. The work gives them practice working with rational numbers and equations for angle relationships. Students analyze and describe cross-sections of prisms, pyramids, and polyhedra. They understand and use the formula for the volume of a right rectangular prism, and solve problems involving area, surface area, and volume. Check out this link to get more in depth explanations of the sections of the unit, the big idea questions, and even practice problems for you to complete with your student! (Answer Key included!) https://bit.ly/2OdBees

We have also entered season of MCAS. Letters were sent home with students offering a Math MCAS Preparation Program that I will be facilitating for 7th grade students. During this weekly session, students will have the opportunity to work with other mathematicians to best prepare for the Math MCAS. The sessions will focus on a wide range of math experiences. The goals will be to increase thinking and computational skills, to review and apply grade level standards, and to learn test-taking strategies to improve students’ readiness and comfort level with taking the upcoming assessment. Sessions are offered Wednesday mornings and Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. Feel free to reach out with any questions.
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