7th Grade Learning Previews - Dec. 2018

7th Grade Learning Previews - Dec. 2018
Posted on 12/11/2018
Mr. Mahoney | [email protected]

Students have now wrapped up the fall chemistry unit with a final assessment and a fun lab in which they made a polymer from a chemical reaction. We now begin a smaller unit on cell biology in which students will begin to investigate the world of cells. The unit will start to build their lab skills of observation as students learn the different techniques of microscopy and examine different types of cells. They will learn basic cell theory, the structure and function of cells, the cell and its parts, plant and animal cells, and as a wrap up activity they will create a model of a cell. We also have begun our NetPals experience and will be communicating by way of e-mail with STEM professionals at our four partnering companies. After meeting the NetPals at the different worksites students become more comfortable sharing their work with someone who is not part of the school. They begin to understand some of the work and education that it takes to land a job in the business world. Our physics unit awaits in January.

Social Studies
Ms. Motto | [email protected] 

Students are working extremely hard on their EPCOT projects! Ask your student to explain their project to you. Email reminders have been going out--all projects should be turned in before winter break. They will be presenting this week so you can ask your student how the presentations are going. The next unit will have students working on their first research paper. Students will be answering the question “How can people persevere when they face persecution in their lives?” With the help of Ms. Motto and Ms. Musher students will research a subject, create virtual notecards, and cite their sources. Afterwards they will draft an outline and study the structure of a research paper. By the end of the unit students will create a 3-5 page paper of their own. All research paper materials will be available online via Google Classroom. Please encourage students to come for help before or after school if they need it!

Ms. Gonzalez | [email protected] 
and Mr. Mitchell

Scholars have been reading their Book Club books around stories of survival and having a variety of discussions in small groups and Socratic Circles. They will be finishing their books before December break and preparing for writing their first literary analysis in 2019! The analysis will focus on a theme they have explored in their book. To prepare for this critical thinking, students are gathering textual evidence in graphic organizers. They will also be creating a “found poem” from a passage in their book. Scholars have been working especially hard at the end of this year, and they are working towards creating a successful start to the new year. A great way to support your scholar is to talk about reading and writing goals they may want to pursue starting in January. 

Ms. Damiani | [email protected]

Students are nearing the end of our fourth unit - percents. In this unit, students use proportional relationships and equations to solve multi-step, real-world problems that involve percentages. They learn to understand and use the terms “percent increase,” “percent decrease,” “percent error.” They represent amounts and corresponding percent rates with double number line diagrams and tables. They use these terms and representations in reasoning about situations involving sales taxes, tips, markdowns, markups, sales commissions, and interest. Students use equations to represent percent relationships in which the constant of proportionality arises from a percentage, e.g., relationship between price paid and amount of sales tax paid. They will be taking an end of unit assessment on Thursday, 12/13. Study guides will go home in an email early next week so that you can help your student prepare. 
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