7th Grade Learning Previews - October 2019

7th Grade Learning Previews - October 2019
Posted on 10/08/2019
Science: Mr. Mahoney, [email protected]

Our physics unit continues this month as we experiment and discover physics concepts that will be used in the years first design challenge. Students will be investigating the motion, force and energy involved in a roller coaster system and present to their classmates answers to an experimental question that they come up with. They will be investigating and researching Newton’s Laws and ideas of inertia, potential and kinetic energy, energy transformations and more. By mid-October students will be introduced to the engineering design process and be challenged to build a 2liter bottle rocket that will be launched and tested a number of times. Students will create a presentation of their own design process as an assessment. 3,2,1 blastoff. We continue to have Science Literacy homework every Friday and students have an opportunity to express their thoughts on a current science topic. 

Social Studies: Ms. Thomas, [email protected]

The next unit that students will be exploring is Monotheistic Religions in the Middle East. Students will explore the central beliefs of each religion and how they are practiced in the modern world. The essential questions of the unit are How do organized beliefs shape society? How can religion both unite and separate people? and How can the teachings of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam inspire people to be upstanders? At the end of the unit students will create an upstander project and focus on the connection between religious beliefs and the actions that the religious can have on the world around them. The project will take place at the end of October/beginning of November.

ELA: Ms. Gonzalez, [email protected] and Ms. Dear (Harvard intern)

Unit Title: Reviewing Elements of Fiction with The Outsiders
Our 7th grade readers and writers will begin reading and discussing S.E Hinton’s The Outsiders. Readers are expected to read the book at home as well as in class (view reading schedule: http://bit.ly/2MrqcBJ). They are allowed to read ahead with the understanding they will be rereading sections in class. In addition to their reading, they are also gathering notes on what they noticed and what they thought about it. To help your reader think about what stood out to them, ask them if they saw the following:
–Memory moments (characters having flashbacks)
–Things that happen again and again
–Words of the Wise (advice being given or personal philosophies)
–Tough questions being asked
–Aha moments (things the main character suddenly realizes)
–A character doing something unexpected

The above list of noticings is a transferable skill for understanding any fictional text. 

At the conclusion of our reading, scholars will show their understanding of a theme (big life message) in the book through a literary analysis essay.

Math: Mrs. Tyler, [email protected]

Unit Title: Introducing Proportional Relationships
Students are beginning their second unit - Introducing Proportional Relationships. In this unit, students learn to understand and use the terms “proportional,” “constant of proportionality” and “proportional relationship,” and recognize when a relationship is or is not proportional. They represent proportional relationships with tables, equations, and graphs. Students use these terms and representations in reasoning about situations that involve constant speed, unit pricing, and measurement conversions. Check out the topics yourself by visiting http://bit.ly/2om95JK. Ask your student about new 7th grade vocabulary they’ve learned to describe math that they’ve seen in years prior. Follow our HW Website to help keep track of Homework assignments for the unit. Students will be assessed on the material towards the end of the month. More information will be sent to families directly as that assessment date approaches.
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