8th Grade Learning Previews 1/29/19

Social Studies
Mr. Thomas Trainor |  [email protected]

We have begun our Civics unit by engaging in our first Document Based Question assignment of the year. Students have been exploring multiple primary and secondary sources to provide the evidence to create an original thesis supported by a well-constructed 5 paragraph analytical essay. They will grapple with and eventually answer the question: Should Americans be Required to Vote? Ask your student what their thoughts are about this question and what is the most compelling evidence to support their position.

Math (On-Grade Level)
Mr. Jose Oliveira |  [email protected]

This week we will wrap up our systems of equations unit with a test on Thursday. Students have learned how to solve a system of equations graphically and by substitution method. Next week we will begin our unit on functions and volume. Be sure to ask your student what the point of intersection refers to in a system of equations. Additional math help is available Tuesday-Friday mornings before school (starting at 8AM) and after school (by appointment).

Accelerated Math Pathways
Mr. Jose Oliveira |  [email protected]

To start our week we will complete our functions and volume unit with a test on Monday. Students have been learning what a function is and have applied the idea to volume problems with cylinders, cones and spheres. This week we will also begin our next unit dealing with algebra 1 functions. Students will learn about piecewise functions, step functions as we move closer to quadratics. Be sure to ask your student what makes a relation a function. Additional math help is available Tuesday-Friday mornings before school (starting at 8AM) and after school (by appointment).

English Language Arts
Mr. Saveriano | [email protected]

As our 8th grade writers complete their well-developed compositions relating to their thinking around the novella Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck, they will soon press their minds against the world of persuasion. In this upcoming editorial unit, 8th graders will study the craft of persuasive writing and utilize the techniques they will learn while writing an editorial on a topic(s) of their choice. The unit begins with an immersion phase. During this phase, students will be exposed to a variety of editorial articles through interactive read-alouds. This will allowing students to construct their own understanding of editorials, including key elements of persuasion. Throughout the writing process, the class will engage in a combination of intensive exploration of mentor texts and frequent teacher modeling. Students will then publish their work in a celebratory activity such as creating a class collection, orally sharing with classmates, and possibly submitting work to professional publications including newspapers and literary magazines. Get ready to ask your child why editorials are so important to our society.

Mr. David Suchy |  [email protected]

8th graders have been getting deep into their investigation of Physics. They have studied contact forces and demonstrated how Newton’s laws explain movement through several hands on engineering projects. Students will now investigate forces that act at a distance (magnetism and gravity) in more detail. They will continue to use a mixture of hands on and virtual experiences to explore the content with their classmates. Ask your child about the forces affecting everything around you every day.
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