8th Grade Learning Previews - Nov. 2018

8th Grade Learning Previews - Nov. 2018
Posted on 11/20/2018
Social Studies
Mr. Thomas Trainor |  [email protected]
This month, students will continue their exploration of Ancient Japan by analyzing the evolution of the Samurai class. We will connect our year long work with social justice and identity issues by creating a public service announcement combating the negative stereotypes often given to the Samurai in modern media. This web resource from PBS, provides an interactive timeline that will be used in class (http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/ancient/history-of-the-samurai.html).

Students will begin to become skilled at accessing relevant, readable information from online databases. Students will keep considering the essential questions of the unit: How has Japanese identity evolved? Who made a difference in Japanese history?

After our exploration of Japan is completed, 8th graders will dive right into their next unit of study, the Middle Ages. We will begin the unit by engaging in our first Document Based Question assignment of the year. Students will use multiple primary and secondary sources to provide the evidence to create an original thesis supported by a well-constructed 5 paragraph analytical essay. They will grapple with and eventually answer the question: Were the Dark Ages really dark?

Math (On-Grade Level)
Mr. Jose Oliveira | [email protected]
Students began learning about slope after finishing up our unit about dilations and similarity. As we continue to venture into slope and linear relationships, we will use components of similar triangles to help us with slope. Look for students to begin a “stained-glass” window project in the coming weeks. Be sure to ask your student what slope tells us about a line. Additional math help is available Tuesday-Friday mornings before school (starting at 8:00AM) and after school (by appointment). 

Accelerated Math Pathways
Mr. Jose Oliveira | [email protected]
We have been working on systems of linear equations over the past two weeks. As we wrap up systems of linear equations, we will begin our discussion on systems of linear inequalities. Students will learn about different combinations that would satisfy a system of linear inequalities. Be sure to ask your student about the different types of solutions to systems of linear equations. Additional math help is available Tuesday-Friday mornings before school (starting at 8:00AM) and after school (by appointment). 

Mr. Suchy | [email protected]
Our 8th graders have completed their study of how climate works and are now focusing on the issue of climate change. First, we will study the greenhouse effect, natural warming processes in Earth’s atmosphere, and what could affect these processes. Next students analyze many different forms of data to provide evidence for human caused climate change and the problems being created by it. Finally, students will identify problems caused by climate change and develop evidence based solutions to these problems for different areas of world that are of particular interest to students. Ask your child about how they are helping the world!

Mr. Saveriano | [email protected]

As readers, our 8th graders are now navigating through the world of short stories. Together we are unearthing the characteristics that make this genre so compelling – unique protagonists and antagonists, internal and external conflicts, the use of symbolism, the use of foreshadowing, and the manipulation of plot structure. In the near future, as writers, we will create our own complex protagonists who face relevant conflicts as they travel through an exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, and resolution. Please encourage your child to pick up a collection of short stories as their independent reading book.
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