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Sixth Grade

ScienceGrade 6 students will participate in Intro to Middle School in the first quarter, designed to support students transitioning to the upper school. This course lays the foundation for a successful transition from elementary to the more rigorous demands of middle school. It also includes a focus on organizational and study skills.

During their first trimester, sixth graders will participate in a drama class designed to build confidence, community, and interpersonal skills during the early months when the school community is first coming together. The first trimester will also feature a World Languages Exploratory class in which students explore their choices for World Language study in order to identify which language to pursue for the duration of their Upper School experience.

Finally, a co-teaching model will be used in sixth grade math classrooms, with special educators and math content specialists teaming to increase individualized attention for every student. In addition to providing individual challenge, these extended periods will help upper schools close gaps for students entering from the variety of CPS elementary programs, and ensure that all upper school students are prepared to access the rigors of the Grade 7 program.

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