Learning Previews - 8th Grade - May 2019

Learning Previews - 8th Grade - May 2019
Posted on 05/07/2019
Social Studies: Mr. Thomas Trainor, [email protected]
We are in the middle of a new unit this year, The Civic Action: Voice and Influence. This Civic Action unit provides a hands-on opportunity for students to practice how to become successful civic agents for change. This unit considers introduces range of civic action young people can engage beyond the conventional institutions of politics, such as voting; encourages young people to tap into things that appeal to their authentic motivation, such as their hobbies and interests, family, or friends groups; helps young people find their civic voice and hone it to achieve their goals for participation that requires the use of practices of democratic coordinations and political institutions; advance media literacy skills to increase access to networks, opportunities to participate, and other forms of social capital that promote civic agency. Ask your student what issue they are researching and what action they are exploring to influence change.

English Language Arts: Mr. Saveriano, [email protected]
With high school months away, 8th graders are strengthening their reading skills by unpacking William Shakespeare’s play entitled A Midsummer Night’s Dream. We are throwing the kitchen sink at excerpts from the play. In other words, we are putting to use all of our close-reading strategies and annotation skills in order to fully comprehend this text that was published in 1600. After reading excerpts, listening to audio versions, watching video clips, and acting out excerpts of the play in small groups, our 8th graders will then get creative by developing “confessional” videos. During this project, students will play the role of a selected character from the play, revealing the emotional rollercoaster their chosen character experiences throughout the plot. Remember, be sure to log on to the ELA Google Classroom website. This website will give you access to the most important materials and notifications during this current unit of study. Ask your student what is most interesting about the play and also what they think about the challenge of reading the play itself--what strategies are they finding most effective as they tackle the text?

Science: Mr. David Suchy, [email protected]
8th grade students are wrapping up their study of evolution. Our unit will culminate with a project about Biomimicry. During this project students will use the evolutionary history of life on Earth and all its incredible diversity as inspiration to develop new products to help people live better lives. Your child may present this project at the Harvard Science Showcase on May 24th or they may choose to create a project on their own. All 8th graders in Cambridge will be will have the opportunity to attend the science showcase. This gives them a forum to practice their presentation skills and to learn from their peers around the city. Ask them about their ideas!

Math (On-Grade Level): Mr. Jose Oliveira, [email protected]
Students have been working on some minor units over the past few weeks. This week we work on scientific notation and review concepts from this year prior to taking MCAS. After MCAS we will dive deeper into topics from this year. Be sure to ask your student why scientific notation is used. Review/extra help is available before school and by appointment after school.

Accelerated Math Pathways: Mr. Jose Oliveira, [email protected]
Students are just about to finish up quadratics. This week we will work with the quadratic formula to solve quadratic equations. We will then transition to solving real-world quadratic equations. After MCAS we will focus on reviewing for the Algebra 1 final. The Algebra 1 final will take place on Tuesday, May 28. Be sure to ask your student what a real root is in a quadratic function. Review/extra help is available before school and by appointment after school.
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