8th Grade Learning Previews: November 2019

Social Studies: Mr. Thomas Trainor
[email protected]

8th Graders are continuing their exploration of the foundations of our government. We are examining the major themes from the government’s founding documents, the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. Students are engaging with these documents in various ways, and finding their access points to many complex ideals through the use of a specially designed video game, Portrait of a Tyrant. Along the way we will be analyzing various documents to gather evidence for our first Historical Investigation of the year. We will answer the question: Has the Presidency Become an Elected Monarchy?

Math: Mr. Jose Oliveira
[email protected]
We have finished our unit on systems of linear equations. Last week we began we will begin our discussion on systems of linear inequalities. Students will learn about different combinations that would satisfy a system of linear inequalities. Be sure to ask your student about the different types of lines used to graph systems of linear inequalities. In the next week we will move into our next unit: Functions and Volume. Additional math help is available Tuesday-Friday mornings before school (starting at 8:00AM) and after school (by appointment).

English: Mr. Saveriano
[email protected]

After reading the historical fiction novel Inside Out and Back Again, fingertips will be on keyboards and ideas will be filling room 229! 8th graders are taking their first steps towards composing a well-developed composition that incorporates a compelling lead, an original thesis statement, body paragraphs that use M.E.A.L. as a structural guide, and a concluding paragraph that reconnects with the lead. Within this essay, students will draw upon their study of the universal refugee experience by connecting historical fiction with informational texts, videos, and interviews. Ask your child about their thesis statement and the challenges refugees face when fleeing and finding home!

Science: Mr. Suchy
[email protected]

Our 8th graders have completed their study of how climate works and are now focusing on the issue of climate change. First, we will study the greenhouse effect, natural warming processes in Earth’s atmosphere, and what could affect these processes. Next students analyze many different forms of data to provide evidence for human caused climate change and the problems being created by it. Finally, students will identify problems caused by climate change and develop evidence based solutions to these problems for different areas of world that are of particular interest to students. Ask your child about how they are helping the world!
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