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Aftermath: A Rock Musical

Aftermath: A Rock Musical
Posted on 06/03/2015
AftermathMembers of the Rindge Avenue Upper School Drama Department, under the leadership of Drama Teacher Summar Elguindy and Music Teacher Josh DeWitte, have been working since September 2014 on a new rock musical that includes student written songs and an original story. On Wednesday, June 3 and Friday, June 5, at 7PM they will be presenting the final product, called “Aftermath,” in the Rindge Avenue Upper School Auditorium at 70 Rindge Avenue.

The story of Aftermath, which was created through improvisations, is set in a post-apocolyptic society called Heartbeat. Everyone in Heartbeat is connected by a network that allows them to feel each others emotions. One young boy doesn't feel like he fits in and decides to run away from Heartbeat and in the process he discovers a new world where he can be himself.

Summar Elguindy says of the process: “I like creating original work because it allows myself and the students to create stories that directly connect to our life experiences in new and fun ways. Part of the challenge is creating a fully fleshed out story with compelling characters in a short amount of time.  Another challenge is picking an idea to start with. I don’t think any of us realized going into it how difficult it would be to nail down the rules of living in a post-apocolyptic society. But I’ve loved thinking up the world of this play, what it will look and feel like and what will interesting and entertaining for the audience.”

Come out this Wednesday or Friday and support this hard working and creative group of Rindge Avenue Upper School students!