8th Grade Learning Previews - December 2019

8th Grade Learning Previews - December 2019
Posted on 12/10/2019
English Language Arts
Mr. Nathan Saveriano | [email protected]

8th graders readers and writers are now navigating through the world of short stories. As readers, we are unearthing the characteristics that make this genre so compelling -- unique protagonists and antagonists, internal and external conflicts, the use of symbolism, the use of foreshadowing, and the manipulation of plot structure. In the near future, as writers, we will create our own complex protagonists who face relevant conflicts as they travel through an exposition, climax, and resolution. Please encourage your child to pick up a collection of short stories as their independent reading book.

Social Studies
Mr. Thomas Trainor | [email protected]

Our next unit in Civics will be about how to decide if, when, and how to engage in social action. “Loyalty, Voice, or Exit” explores a basic challenge for every civic actor, which is how to decide responsibly about when to participate in an organization, when to seek reform in an organization through dissent, and when to leave it. These dilemmas apply to civic organizations on all scales from the local to the national.

In exploring the life of Prince Hall, an African American abolitionist in the early Republic, and the works of political philosophy that inspired him, students grapple with the opportunities, challenges, and dilemmas of democratic citizenship. The unit culminates in a simulation of Hall’s 1787 dilemma about whether to continue to exercise voice or to opt instead for exit, and explores whether other African Americans should join Prince Hall in signing the petition.


Mr. Jose Oliveira | [email protected]

At the end of last week we finished our unit on 8th grade functions and volume. This week we will begin our short unit on Algebra 1 functions. Students will learn about the story a function can tell and also see variations of nonlinear functions. We should complete this unit before our winter break. Be sure to ask your student what the relationship is between a cone and cylinder with the same base and height. Additional math help is available Tuesday-Friday mornings before school (starting at 8:00 AM) and after school (by appointment).

Mr. David Suchy | [email protected]

Our 8th graders have completed their study of climate change and are now putting their knowledge to work by proposing solutions to the problems presented by climate change. Students will identify problems caused by climate change and develop evidence based solutions to these problems for different areas of the world that are of particular interest to them. They will present mitigation, adaptation and civic action solutions to a “United Nations Climate Change panel” of their classmates and other teachers/faculty. Our students have been impressive; they have done an amazing job of coming up with creative and effective solutions that could help change the direction of our planet. Ask your students about their project, you will be impressed!
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