8th Grade Learning Previews 3/6/19

English Language Arts
Mr. Saveriano | [email protected]

This past week, 8th graders immersed themselves into the world of persuasion by reading numerous editorials. With each editorial read, students were asked to identify and discuss the issues, the author’s position, and the persuasive techniques used. It is now clear to all of us that an effective editorial includes many persuasive techniques, not just a couple. Before we know it, we will start to craft our very own original editorials. There will be nothing but passion piercing through the pages! These writing pieces will include numerous persuasive techniques in order to convince the audience or raise awareness of issues that matter most to us. Be on the lookout for your child’s draft with a keen eye for their use of statistics and facts, personal anecdotes, hypothetical situations, repetition, events from the news, interviews, expert opinions, and rhetorical questions. Once a final draft is produced, students will share their thinking by going public online through “Blogger,” create an advertisement relating to their editorial’s issue, and produce a slideshow of images to accompany small group and whole group shares. Get to hear what matters most!

Mr. David Suchy | [email protected]

8th graders have begun their study of Biology; specifically genetics. They are learning about inheritance through sexual and asexual reproduction. They will be investigating genetics by analyzing parent/child traits, pedigrees and virtual models. We are also honored to have three scientist volunteers from the Broad Institute working with us every Wednesday from now through April. One of the scientists will be visiting and teaching a class each Wednesday based on their direct experiences from the lab and research they have done. This is one of the best experiences of the year for our students, ask them about the scientists and what they have learned about genetics.

Social Studies
Mr. Thomas Trainor | [email protected]

8th Grade students are embarking on one of the most important units in their middle school careers, Civics and Power. Students will evaluate the relationship between government and citizens in a just society. Moreover, they will assess how individuals and groups affect systems of power. We will specifically engage in a thematic unit on the history, impact, and lasting contributions of the Little Rock 9, a group of brave high school students who challenged Jim Crow laws and segregation in public schools.

Math (On-Grade Level)
Mr. Jose Oliveira | [email protected]

We have been working on our linear functions unit. Students have been learning about what a function is and what happens when a given input is applied to a situation. Shortly we will begin our unit on statistics and discuss lines of best fit. Be sure to ask your student what makes something a function. Review/extra help is available before school and by appointment after school.

Accelerated Math Pathways
Mr. Jose Oliveira | [email protected]

We are currently working on our quick polynomials unit before beginning our unit on exponential functions. Students will have a good foundation of factoring once we dive into our quadratics unit later this month. We will learn the various forms that a quadratic function can be represented. Be sure to ask your student what happens to a factored polynomial when the greatest common factor isn’t found. Review/extra help is available before school and by appointment after school.
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