8th Grade Learning Previews - September 2019

8th Grade Learning Previews - September 2019
Posted on 09/17/2019
Social Studies: Mr. Thomas Trainor, [email protected]
Firstly, I would like to welcome all families to another incredible journey of learning, self-discovery, and growth this year at the amazing RAUC. 8th graders will embark on an amazing range of units, projects, and goals. Our 8th grade curriculum is going through a bit of a transition with new state standards for civics education. We are partnering with Harvard University and the Democrtaic Knowledge Project to develop and implement our new Civics course. However as we start every year students will be focusing on developing and discovering their own identity. Our first unit challenges students to develop their own voices both in the classroom and in American society.

English Language Arts: Mr. Saveriano, [email protected]
Our 8th graders hit the ground running fast and focused. After composing a letter to me that’s all about them, our young brilliant minds are now considering the quality of cadence, the true impact of a powerful metaphor, the control line and stanza breaks have on meaning, and how personification can create strong imagery. Yes, our 8th graders are in the diverse world of poetry...a genre that follows rules, bends rules, and breaks rules. We will read tons of poetry in order to find inspiration to compose our own orginal poetry. If there is a favorite poet or poem that lingers in your literate world, feel free to send it my way. 

Science: Mr. David Suchy, [email protected]
Students have begun their Earth science unit. During this unit they will study the causes of seasons, climate and climate change. We are currently analyzing data and observing models to explain what causes the changing seasons in Cambridge. In the coming weeks students will use space and Earth based perspectives to build a foundational understanding of seasons and climate so they are prepared to explain the causes of climate change and propose practical solutions. This week you can ask your kids to explain the seasons to you! 

Math: Mr. Jose Oliveira, [email protected]
Students have been working on linear relationships over the past week. This unit is extremely important, as it builds the foundation for our work in Algebra. In a few weeks we will start our work on Linear Equations and Linear Systems. Ask your student what the importance of an x value being zero. Additional math help is available Tuesday-Friday mornings before school (starting at 8:00 AM) and after school on Wednesday/Thursday.
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